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The Dangers of Corns

If you've noticed a rough spot on your foot that resembles a blister, but is hard and painful, you may have a corn. Corns are commonly seen by the podiatrists at East Texas Foot & Ankle Center in Tyler, and they have provided more information about these growths and cornswhy they can cause major problems for certain people.

How are corns formed?

Corns and calluses are formed the same way: when friction or pressure is consistently placed on one area of the foot, the skin adapts to the force by hardening and thickening. Corns have a cone shape (hence their name; they resemble a kernel of corn); calluses are more rounded out and cover a larger area of the foot. Your Tyler podiatrist finds that corns often form on pressure points due to wearing ill-fitting footwear. Corns can cause a considerable amount of foot pain.

What are some complications of corns?

Corns can be very uncomfortable, especially while wearing shoes and walking for long periods of time. People who have circulatory problems are at risk for developing foot wounds that do not heal properly due to the lack of blood flow. However, your Tyler podiatrist warns his patients with poor circulation that foot pain is not a good indicator of a problem; they typically have reduced feeling in their feet as well, so corns may not be particularly painful and may go unnoticed. Without treatment, foot wounds can result in systemic infections or amputation.

How can corns be treated?

For the general population, moleskin pads can be worn over the corn to relieve some of the foot pain and cushion the pressure point. Your Tyler podiatrist cautions against trying to remove the corn yourself; this can lead to infection. For those who have diabetes or any other condition that causes reduced circulation: the best defenses you have are to wear shoes at all times and inspect your feet daily. Any cut, blister or sore should immediately be evaluated by your Tyler podiatrist. Quick treatment will help ensure that the wound does not progress.

If you think you might be dealing with corns or any other problem that is giving you foot pain, contact East Texas Foot & Ankle Center in Tyler. We'd be happy to help you get back on your feet!

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