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January 23, 2019
Category: Podiatry
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Patients who struggle with diabetes have to be concerned with more than just keeping their sugar levels under control. They must also be concerned with how their medical condition will affect the healing of wounds and cuts, especially on the feet and toes (lower extremities). Diabetic Foot CarePodiatrist Dr. James Kent at East Texas Foot Ankle Centers in Tyler, TX can teach you more about the importance of diabetic foot care and help keep your feet in good shape.

Understanding Why Diabetic Foot Care Is Important
Your feet are two of your most valuable resources, giving you the proper balance and stability you need to get around throughout your day. Diabetic patients are at a higher risk of developing serious foot-related problems because their feet take longer to heal after injury and may be more prone to deformities. Some patients must work with a podiatrist on a regular basis to prevent foot injuries, manage nerve damage (also called neuropathy), and have wounds treated immediately to avoid painful abscesses and ulcers.

What Is Included in Diabetic Foot Care?
It is generally a good idea to see your podiatrist for regular examinations to keep your feet healthy, but these visits are particularly important for patients who have diabetes and circulatory diseases, Diabetic foot care treatments suggested by your Tyler, TX podiatrist may include:

- Professional nail clippings (a preventative measure).
- Wound care.
- Orthotics (shoes or inserts to protect and support your feet).
- Antibiotic therapy if there’s an infection.
- Surgical removal of infected tissue.

Additional Foot Care Information
Paying close attention to your feet is the best way to avoid complications when you’re managing diabetes. Remember these tips and incorporate them into your daily routine if you want to keep your feet in the best condition possible:

- See your primary care provider regularly to ensure that you’re getting the medication and advice that you need to manage diabetes.
- At the first sign of a cut on the foot or even an ingrown toenail, make an appointment to see your Tyler, TX podiatrist for assistance.
- Cover your feet when walking around, whether indoors or outdoors to minimize the chance of injury. Wash and dry them daily, and apply lotion in moderation.

Come in for a Foot Examination
Your foot health is important and it can be related to your overall health. If you have been diagnosed with diabetes, see a podiatrist at East Texas Foot Ankle Centers in Tyler, TX for a diabetic foot care examination and treatment. Call (903) 939-3668 today to schedule an appointment with Dr. James Kent.