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Are You Struggling with Hammertoes?

Find out how to treat and manage your hammertoes to prevent complications.

A hammertoe is a common foot deformity that often affects the middle joint of the smaller toes. Since these toes tend to bend downward Hammertoesonce affected, an accompanying corn or callus often develops on the joint of the toe due to the friction from wearing shoes. Read on to learn more about this condition, its symptoms, and when to turn to our Tyler, TX, podiatrist Dr. James Kent for help.

Here are some of the best ways to prevent a hammertoe from getting worse:



You can perform simple foot stretches and exercises to alleviate discomfort and to improve how other ligaments, tendons, and muscles in your feet work. These exercises can also maintain flexibility in the joint preventing a hammertoe from becoming rigid. Simple stretches include marble pickups and towel curls. Perform these exercises every day.


Wear Proper Shoes

Make sure that the only shoes you wear from here on out have a roomy toe box, which prevents the joints of your toes from being bent or bunched up into awkward and painful positions. Other necessities include good arch support and a low heel (high heels can also exacerbate foot problems). If certain shoes rub against the hammertoe and cause pain, then you may want to opt for supportive sandals.



Our Tyler, TX, foot doctor can make custom orthotics or shoe inserts to correct imbalances and improve how your feet function as a whole. Orthotics are great for patients dealing with common foot deformities such as hammertoes and bunions, and provide ample support, cushioning, and stability for the feet. Orthotics also redistribute weight evenly throughout the foot to prevent excess pressure on the deformed joint.


Apply Protective Padding

To prevent a callus from forming on the deformed joint, you should apply a protective padding (e.g. moleskin) to the problem area before putting on shoes. While this can provide relief for rigid hammertoes, it’s best used on those with flexible hammertoes.


Concerned? Contact our Tyler, TX, Office Today

It’s important to call us if the pain doesn’t go away or if it gets worse after 2-3 weeks of at-home care. Additionally, those with diabetes, poor circulation, and weakened immune systems should see a foot and ankle professional right away for treatment.

East Texas Foot & Ankle Center is dedicated to providing patients with the comprehensive and thorough foot and ankle care they need. Whether you are dealing with hammertoes, bunions, diabetic feet, or other problems, our knowledgeable, friendly staff is ready to help you get the care you need. Dial (903) 939-3668 today.

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