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Get Rid Of Your Bunion For Good

When bunion pain rules your life, it's time to consider surgery. Dr. James Kent, your Tyler, TX podiatrist at East Texas Foot & Ankle bunionCenter, explains how bunion surgery can end your pain.

What are bunions?

Bunions are bumps that form at the base of your big toe. They develop when the bones of your foot move out of alignment. Bunions are more common in females because women are more likely to wear high heels or tight shoes that place too much pressure on your foot. They can also develop if you have inherited a structural foot issue, your foot is deformed, one leg is longer than the other or you have arthritis in your foot.

How can surgery in Tyler help me?

Conservative approaches, such as splints and orthotics, can help reduce pain in many cases. If your pain becomes unbearable or interferes with your life, your foot doctor may recommend surgery. Bunion surgery is used to improve the alignment of your bones and remove extra tissue from the area around your big toe. Once your foot is properly aligned, it will look and feel better.

What happens during bunion surgery?

During surgery, your podiatrist makes cuts in the bones, then realigns the joint and surrounding tissues. Pins or screws hold the straightened bones together. Surgery may also involve removing the parts of the joint affected by arthritis or removing small areas of bone. In some cases, your foot doctor may recommend fusion of the bones in the mid-foot or big toe. Bunion surgery is usually performed on an outpatient basis.

What is bunion surgery recovery like?

Although your foot will look much better after surgery, you won't be able to resume your usual activities for about two months. You'll be given a splint or boot to protect your foot. After a few weeks, any pins or screws will be removed, although you won't be able to resume wearing normal shoes at this point. Approximately six weeks to four months after surgery, depending on your progress, you can begin wearing your usual shoes, but you'll need to avoid tight shoes or high heels to prevent a recurrence of the problem.

Could you benefit from bunion surgery? Call Dr. Kent, your Tyler, TX podiatrist at East Texas Foot & Ankle Center, at (903) 939-3668 to schedule a consultation.

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