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How We Can Help With Your Heel Pain

Suffering from heel pain? A podiatrist can suggest treatments that may reduce your pain and make it easier for you to carry out your day. heel painEast Texas Foot & Ankle Centers, which is located in Tyler, TX, offers treatments for heel pain. Dr. James Kent can help alleviate your heel pain. 

#1- Orthotic Devices

Podiatrists offer orthotic devices that provide cushioning and arch support for added shock absorption, protection and comfort. Research has shown that podiatrist-prescribed orthotic devices improve function and decrease foot pain.

#2- Medications

You can get pain relief with targeted topical pain medications from your Tyler podiatrist.

#3- Steroid Injections

You can get steroid injections at your podiatrist's office. Steroid injections offer quick relief for pain and inflammation that's in one part of your body. Steroid injections will help reduce your pain for about a month, but they might keep the swelling down for even longer than that.

#4- Stretching Exercises

Podiatrists prescribe stretching exercises for various foot conditions. Stretching exercises improve function and ease pain and inflammation. You should do stretching exercises on a daily basis to keep pain at bay.

#5- Night Splints

Night splints can be a valuable treatment for heel pain. They have been designed to hold the feet in a neutral position while you sleep, thereby helping to relieve morning pain. You can wear a splint every night for up to several months. Then you can gradually reduce how often you use it as your symptoms disappear.

Get your life back on track by receiving the best heel pain treatment available. Call East Texas Foot & Ankle Centers at 903-939-3668 to schedule an appointment in Tyler, TX. Investing in your foot health is one of the best decisions you can make for a lifetime of happy, pain-free feet.

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