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Keep Your Athlete's Foot from Spreading to Your Partner

Athlete’s foot is a common condition affecting many people, athletes and non-athletes alike. But did you know that athlete’s foot is athlete's footcontagious? Find out how you can prevent the spread of athlete’s foot and learn the ins and outs of this condition with Dr. James Kent at East Texas Foot and Ankle Centers in Tyler, TX.

What is athlete’s foot? 
Athlete’s foot is a fungal infection of the foot most often affecting the skin on the feet, but sometimes spreading to the toenails or hands. The fungus infects the skin after it comes into direct contact with it, usually in a warm, moist place, such as a shower. There are two types of fungus which cause athlete’s foot, one which has a sudden onset of symptoms and is easily curable and another which causes a slower onset of symptoms and is harder to cure.

How can I prevent athlete’s foot? 
The best way to prevent athlete’s foot is to avoid the fungus which causes the infection. Damp, warm areas are breeding grounds for this fungus, meaning that places such as a locker room or public pool are often the culprit for spreading athlete’s foot. Always wear shower shoes when walking around places like these to avoid direct contact with the floor. Keep the feet clean and dry, wearing fresh socks every day and changing socks after athletic activity which causes heavy perspiration.

Athlete’s Foot Treatments in Tyler, TX 
While athlete’s foot is not a serious condition, it is often difficult to cure. Treatment usually begins conservatively with over-the-counter treatments like antifungal creams or powders applied directly to the feet. Your doctor may recommend oral antifungal medications in the form of a pill or prescription creams or ointments applied topically. Soaking the feet in salt water or a vinegar and water solution can help ease discomfort caused by blisters or damaged skin.

For more information on athlete’s foot, please contact Dr. James Kent at East Texas Foot and Ankle Centers in Tyler, TX. Call (903) 939-3668 to schedule your appointment with Dr. Kent today!

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