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The Proper Way to Care for Your Feet

If you are taking care of your feet then they will take care of you!

According to the Illinois Podiatric Medical Association (IPMA), there are a very small percentage of people who are actually born with foot carefoot problems. While it is possible, unfortunately, is poor foot care and neglect, two of the main problems. Even your feet can be susceptible to wear and tear. The IPMA also states that about 75 percent of Americans will experience foot problem at some point during their lifetime. From the office of our Tyler, TX podiatrist, Dr. James Kent, discover useful everyday tips for how to care for your feet properly to prevent issues.

Wash Feet Daily

Most people believe that if they just let the water run over their feet during their bath or shower that this is equivalent to cleaning their feet. Wrong! You should be scrubbing your feet every day with soap and water. Make sure to get in between toes as well and don’t forget to thoroughly dry your feet after getting out of the shower.

Don’t Forget to Moisturize

Moisturizer isn’t just for your face; it can also be a major benefit to your feet. Feet can get particularly dry during the winter months and it’s your job to make sure that your feet are getting the care they need to prevent calluses, cracked skin and other problems. You don’t need fancy products to see results. If you aren’t sure which moisturizer to use on your feet ask our Tyler foot doctor for recommendations.

Don’t Wear the Same Shoes

If you are a creature of habit then you may be likely to wear the same shoes day in and day out, but this could cause some rather nasty issues for your feet. Wearing the same sweaty shoes every day can leave your feet prone to nasty odors and infections. Give your used shoes a day off. Also, if you are susceptible to fungal infections like athlete’s foot consider spraying your shoes with an antifungal treatment prior to putting them on and after taking them off.

Opt for the Right Footwear

You wouldn’t believe what people put their feet through just for the sake of their shoes. Whether you have to wear dress shoes to work or you just have to wear those pointed shoes out for your date, there are many problems that can arise as a result of improper footwear. Prevent bunions, injuries, hammertoes and other problems by opting for shoes with a low heel and a wide toe box so that toes have enough room to move around freely.

Whether you have questions about foot care or you need to schedule an appointment, don’t hesitate to turn to the foot specialists at East Texas Foot & Ankle Center in Tyler, TX.

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