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Treating And Preventing Corns And Calluses

Are you one of the millions of Americans today who suffers from unsightly and uncomfortable corns or calluses on your feet? If so, you aren't without hope, as there are lasting solutions right here in Tyler, TX, for all foot pain symptoms.Corns

At East Texas Foot & Ankle Centers, Dr. James Kent, DPM, MS, treats many patients who come into his office with unfriendly feet, whether it be corns, calluses, or any number of other foot ailments. While corns and calluses are often used synonymously, corns are typically found on toes while calluses are elsewhere on the foot, oftentimes beneath it.

Both are build-ups of dead skin that have been caused by repeated pressure, oftentimes the result of shoes that are too tight or otherwise ill-fitting.

Overcoming Corns And Calluses

Because corns and calluses can bring foot pain and an unattractive appearance to your feet, it's best to treat them by:

  • soaking your feet in warm water (this will soften the hardened skin padding)
  • using a pumice stone to file them down
  • wearing foam inserts or orthotics in your shoes to relieve pressure
  • attending physical therapy
  • having surgery
  • seeing your podiatrist for lasting on-site treatment options

Dr. Kent often treats his patients' corns and calluses by using a scalpel that is as gentle as it is effective; however, he advises patients not to try the same on their own. Attempting to scrape off calluses and corns using at-home devices frequently leads to infection or other foot complications.

Preventing Corns and Calluses

What's better than treating existing corns and calluses? Preventing them! Take a look below at why always getting the right shoes goes a long way toward corn and callus prevention:

  • Tight-fitting or narrow-toed shoes put unnecessary pressure on your feet.
  • Shoes that fit well and have just enough space on the sides offer comfort.
  • Important reminder: you should shop for shoes later in the day, because that's when our feet are biggest

For more information about corn and callus treatment and prevention, give Dr. Kent a call today at (903) 939-3668 for lasting foot pain relief!

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