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Treating Your Foot Pain

Your foot pain doesn’t have to become a daily struggle that worsens over time. Without basic care and attention, it could lead to a more foot-painserious condition—one that could temporarily take you off of your feet. Get help at the onset of foot pain with the help of a podiatrist at East Texas Foot & Ankle Centers in Tyler, TX.

Foot Pain Causes
It’s normal to feel some aches and pains in your feet on occasion, especially considering how many steps you probably take every day to work, school, and during athletic activities. But when the pain is persistent and progresses, it’s something that requires immediate treatment. These are a few possible causes of chronic foot pain:

- Plantar fasciitis (also called heel spur syndrome) which is an irritated tendon that connects the toe bone to the heel.
- Bunions (a deformity that causes the base of the toe bone to shift out of alignment).
- Neuromas (bundles of nerves that form around the toes).
- Ankle sprains or Achilles tendon injuries.
- Crush injuries (common in work places that require heavy lifting).
- Ingrown toenails.
- Calluses and corns.

Foot Pain Treatments Available
You’ll find a wide range of effective, modern foot pain treatments at East Texas Foot & Ankle Centers in Tyler, TX. Those include:

- Pain laser treatments.
- Shockwave therapy.
- Orthotics and inserts, customized for your feet.
- Medication to help manage pain.
- Wound debridement (diabetic foot care).
- Safe removal of calluses and corns.
- Physical therapy.
- Foot surgery (including minimally invasive options like plantar fascia releases).

Foot Care Tips
If you want to avoid or minimize foot pain, follow these foot care tips:

- Change your footwear, as it is very often the main reason why your feet start to hurt or weaken. Switch to comfortable, cushioned, well-heeled, well-made shoes and sneakers.
- Make a commitment to lose some weight, as added pounds put extra stress on your feet.
- Schedule regular checkups with your podiatrist to monitor your foot health.

A Podiatrist Can Help
Dr. James Kent is a podiatrist serving patients in Tyler, TX who is committed to utilizing the latest treatments and providing compassionate care. To get help identifying the cause of your foot pain and possible remedies, call (903) 939-3668 today to schedule a foot exam.

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