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Why Diabetic Foot Care is Important

Healthy feet are an essential component to living a healthy lifestyle with diabetes.

When it comes to having diabetes, you may feel like routine is your friend—you have to monitor your blood sugar, you have to diabetic footcareincorporate healthier foods into your diet and you have to make sure you are getting enough physical activity. But there is one more thing that your Tyler, TX podiatrist, Dr. James Kent, wants you to add to your routine: monitoring your foot health.

Why should I care about foot health?

Unfortunately, those with diabetes are at an increased risk of developing foot problems. Even the smallest issues like a blister or cut could turn into an infection or ulcer if left untreated.

Furthermore, diabetes can also cause nerve damage in the legs and arms. Nerve damage can also lead to problems like a loss of sensation or poor circulation, which can increase your likelihood of an infection or can cause other issues like cuts, calluses and corns that you may not even feel until it’s too late.

How should I properly care for my diabetic feet?

There are many tips from your Tyler foot doctor that you should follow if you want to prevent problems from befalling your feet, but one of the most important ones is to examine your feet thoroughly every day. Through these exams you can catch problems before they turn serious and turn to us for care.

Aside from daily exams here are some other ways to give your diabetic feet the TLC they deserve:

  • Wash and thoroughly dry your feet each day. Apply a moisturizer afterwards to prevent skin from getting dry.
  • Trim your toenails, but know that there is a technique. Never trim nails too short (below the tip of your toe) and always trim straight across rather than at an angle to prevent ingrown toenails.
  • See your podiatrist in Tyler right away if you experience any problems with your feet. The sooner you seek treatment the less likely you’ll be to experience a serious foot complication.
  • Always wear proper shoes that offer support and also give the toes room to move. This is particularly important when you exercise. If you are dealing with an open wound or sore then stop exercising until the condition has completely healed.
  • Never go barefoot. Always make sure you have socks or shoes to protect your feet even when you are indoors.

Don’t let diabetes affect the health of your feet. Turn to our Tyler, TX podiatric team at East Texas Foot & Ankle Centers at the first sign of any foot problem and protect your foot health for life.

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