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When Is Bunion Surgery Necessary?

Have you been wondering if it's time for bunion surgery? Your Tyler, TX, podiatrist, Dr. James Kent, of East Texas Foot & Ankle Centers, can help you consider your treatment options.

Is it time for surgery?

Night splints, new shoes, anti-inflammatory medication and orthotics may reduce your pain and slow the progression of your bunion initially. Unfortunately, as the bunion worsens, these measures may no longer be effective. Surgery may be helpful if you're experiencing any of these issues:

  • Severe or Constant Pain: Life can become difficult when walking or even standing for a few minutes causes extreme pain. Fortunately, bunion surgery can help you resume your usual activities once again. After your recovery from surgery, you'll be able to walk the trails at Tyler State Park without pain or shop for groceries without wishing you could ride in the cart.
  • Inflammation: Inflammation can cause swelling and pain in your big toe joint. Although it can be controlled with medication when the bunion is small, chronic inflammation is much more difficult to manage when the bunion grows larger.
  • Stiffness: Inflammation can contribute to stiffness in your big toe. Unfortunately, it's difficult to walk naturally when your big toe doesn't flex. Stiffness can affect your gait and the alignment of your entire body, causing leg, hip or back pain.
  • Change in the Position of Your Big Toe: Does your big toe now rest on top of your second toe? In addition to bunion pain, you may now be dealing with corns and calluses that rub painfully against your shoes. Bunion surgery will realign the joint and prevent your big toe from drifting toward your other toes.
  • Discomfort When Wearing Shoes: It's not always easy to find shoes that don't make your bunion feel worse, even if you buy wide shoes. If you're ready to give up wearing shoes due to the pain, bunion surgery may be a good idea.

Don't let bunion pain affect the quality of your life. Call Dr. James Kent, your podiatrist in Tyler, Texas at East Texas Foot & Ankle Centers, at (903) 939-3668 to schedule an appointment.

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