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Treating Your Foot Pain

Have you been trying to ignore the pain in your foot? Although foot pain often goes away on its own, it's a good idea to pay a visit to your podiatrist in Tyler, TX, Dr. James Kent of East Texas Foot & Ankle Centers, if your pain is severe or continues for more than a week or two.

Easing your foot pain

Foot pain treatment varies depending on the cause of the problem. Common conditions that can cause the pain include:

  • Stone Bruise: Did you first notice the pain after you stepped on a rock or tiny toy? You may have bruised the fat pad that cushions the bottom of your foot. Fortunately, these bruises usually go away in a week or two. If your bruise is particularly painful, orthotics, prescription shoe inserts that cushion and support your feet, can be helpful.
  • Plantar Fasciitis: Plantar fasciitis is a very common cause of foot pain. Inflammation in the plantar fascia, a band of connective tissue that connects your toes to your heels, is to blame for the pain. Plantar fasciitis causes sharp pain in your heels that is usually worse first thing in the morning, after exercise, or after being inactive for a while. Orthotics, physical therapy, stretching exercises, night splints, and shockwave therapy may be used to treat plantar fasciitis pain.
  • Ingrown Toenail: Ingrown toenails can be surprisingly painful, particularly if they become infected. Your Tyler foot doctor can remove the trapped part of your nail, eliminating the source of your pain. Antibiotics may also be needed if the toe is infected.
  • Bunions: Bunions are bony bumps that form at the base of your big toe. They're common in people who wear high heels or tight shoes. Taping your foot, wearing orthotics, and using night splints to keep the foot properly aligned while you sleep can slow the progression of bunions. Surgery may be recommended if your bunion interferes with walking and daily activities, or is very painful.

Do you have foot pain? Call your Tyler, TX, podiatrist, Dr. James Kent of East Texas Foot & Ankle Centers, at (903) 939-3668 to schedule an appointment.

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