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  • Do You Need Bunion Surgery?
    Do you have a bunion, that pronounced bump at the base of the big toe? Many people suffer the pain and irritation of this common podiatric condition, and its frequency Read more
  • The Importance of Diabetic Care
    Patients who struggle with diabetes have to be concerned with more than just keeping their sugar levels under control. They must also be concerned with how their medical condition will Read more
  • Bunions: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment Options
    Bunions—they're something only an old grandma would have, right? In reality, these bony bumps on the side of the foot and the base of the big toe are very common Read more
  • What Is Causing My Heel Pain?
    Heel pain is a common condition that can affect anyone. However, getting to the bottom of the cause of your heel pain can prove to be tricky. Your podiatrist can Read more
  • Do I Have an Ingrown Toenail?
    Wow, does your big toe hurt! It looks red and swollen, too, particularly around the edges of the nail. This has never happened before, but you suspect you have an Read more
  • Did I Sprain My Ankle?
    A sprained ankle is more common than you might think. Know the signs. While a sprain is not usually a serious injury it is still important to know whether this is Read more
  • Reasons for Bunion Surgery
    Bunion surgery offers an effective way to end your pain and restore the normal alignment of your foot. Tyler, TX, podiatrist Dr. James Kent of East Texas Foot & Ankle Read more
  • What You Should Know About Flat Feet
    Flat feet, also called fallen arches, are a common physical abnormality of the foot in which the entire sole of the foot touches the ground when standing; it's thought to Read more
  • Common Causes of Foot Pain
    Why are your feet causing you so much discomfort? ​ Whether you are looking to get ready for a marathon or you are just interested in getting into some exercise routine, it’s Read more
  • Keep Your Athlete's Foot from Spreading to Your Partner
    Athlete’s foot is a common condition affecting many people, athletes and non-athletes alike. But did you know that athlete’s foot is contagious? Find out how you can prevent the spread Read more
  • How Do You Treat a Bunion?
    Though they most often affect the feet of older women, bunions can affect anyone. This condition, which often begins painlessly, can quickly take a toll on your physical well-being and Read more
  • How We Can Help With Your Heel Pain
    Suffering from heel pain? A podiatrist can suggest treatments that may reduce your pain and make it easier for you to carry out your day. East Texas Foot & Ankle Read more
  • Caring for Your Diabetic Feet
    What your podiatrist in Tyler, Texas, wants you to know Diabetes is a life-altering disease that is also very common. In fact, according to the American Diabetes Association, over 29 million Read more
  • The Proper Way to Care for Your Feet
    If you are taking care of your feet then they will take care of you! According to the Illinois Podiatric Medical Association (IPMA), there are a very small percentage of people Read more
  • Do I Have Flat Feet?
    Since we rely so heavily on them for the most simple of daily tasks, we often take for granted just how important our feet are to us. However, foot troubles Read more
  • Get Rid Of Your Bunion For Good
    When bunion pain rules your life, it's time to consider surgery. Dr. James Kent, your Tyler, TX podiatrist at East Texas Foot & Ankle Center, explains how bunion surgery can Read more

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