Stretching For Heel Pain

Plantar fascia specific stretching regimen.

This plantar fascia specific stretch is the most important stretch because this regimen has been studied and shown to be beneficial. To perform this stretch, place your affected foot on your opposite knee. Grab your heel with the opposite hand and use the other hand to pull the toes back, especially the big toe. You should feel a stretch within the arch.

Confirm the stretch by bringing your thumb along the inside of the arch and palpating the tension on the plantar fascia as seen in the image to the right. Hold the stretch for 10 seconds and then repeat it 10 times. This should be performed 3 times a day and is best performed at the first thing in the morning and then prior to weight-bearing during the day. More information and research on this plantar fasciitis specific stretching regimen by calling East Texas Foot and Ankle Centers for an appointment at 903-939-3668.

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