Vascular Testing Padnet

East Texas Foot and Ankle Centers is proud to have PadNet testing in our Tyler Foot Clinic

PADnet Arterial Testing
PADnet arterial testing uses a cuff-based method to record Ankle-Brachial Index (ABI)/Toe- Brachial Index (TBI) values and Pulse Volume Recording (PVR) waveforms. ABI and an assessment of flow are included in each test. Using PADnet, all major arteries in the ankle are occluded, and ABI is automatically calculated based on the highest pressure present.

PADnet uses recording oscillometry rather than mechanical oscillometry; as such, it records the oscillations detected by the plethysmograph, and processes those through an algorithm to determine the systolic/diastolic pressure

In just 15 to 20 minutes, during a regular office visit, the non-invasive tests help identify obstructive disease, and provide data to determine suitable medical or surgical treatment and guide an effective PAD treatment plan.

PADnet with Segmental Pressures
The Segmental Pressure testing capability adds pressures taken at above-knee and calf levels to more effectively diagnose vascular disease in the cardiovascular and vascular specialist office.

  • Helps confirm arterial insufficiency
  • Localizes results to specific vascular segments
  • Aids in identification of inflow disease
  • Identifies hemodynamically significant disease region to region
  • Insight into the locations of possible arterial blockages in the legs
  • Informed diagnosis increases treatment accuracy and efficiency, improving the quality of patient outcomes

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